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What Sets Us Apart

We are a small and dedicated group of local care professionals hoping to bring a new lease of life to older people – and their carers – in the Nottinghamshire area. 


The Time Machine provides a safe haven in the heart of the town for those requiring practical or life-enhancing support.


Our mission is to: 

Provide memorable recreational and therapeutic experiences for anyone who is socially isolated due to illness, frailty or age. 

Enhance and support independent living for as long as possible.

Assist anyone living with dementia to enjoy life and make sense of their world for as long as possible.

Assist carers in meaningful relationships with their loved ones and provide breaks from the stress of caring often when elderly or in poor health themselves.

Provide therapeutic volunteering opportunities to those living with anxiety and depression.

Assist with the monitoring of frail or housebound seniors living independently in the community who have little or no family support.

Advocate for anyone on request during ill health such as hospital visiting and escorting to medical appointments etc. 

Assist with the identification, vetting, referencing and training of personal assistants.


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